How to apply

Institutions can become members by downloading and filling the application form Download here and paying the onetime membership fee and annual subscription as detailed in the table below:

TERNET Membership Categories and Fees structure Higher Learning Institutions.
Higher  Education  Institutions  (hereinafter  referred  to  as  the MEMBER INSTITUTIONS or  the  INSTITUTIONS)
recognize  that  information  and communication technologies affect  many of the roles we play in our society and,
our communities and that the higher education information structure is an important part of the  national  information
infrastructure  that  can  be  a  roadway  towards directing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) applications
in a manner that  may induce major positive social and economic development consequences;

Research Institutions Networks include Government Institutions and nonprofit organizations that are sub-state,
state or multi-state in scope and have a principal mission to provide better ICT infrastructure and services primarily
to provide high quality and conducive research that prioritized in health ,education, agricultural improvement (Green revolution ),
Mining and Energy and Industrialization that will foster and enhance the wellbeing of Tanzanian community.

These include Government Institutions/Organizations and  nonprofit organizations that sub-state, state or multi-state in scope and having  
a principal and  mission to provide better ICT infrastructure to foster  the Development of Researches and Education Sector through ICT.

Make all payments to TERNET
Bank Details:
Account Name:Tanzania Education and Research Network(TERNET)
Account Number:081103000180
Bank:NBC Limited - Kinondoni Branch
Application should be filled and returned together with Bank Pay -in-Slip to:

TERNET Secretariat
Kawawa Road, 2nd Floor Block B(Open University of Tanzania)
P.O Box 95062
Dar es Salaam
Mobile: 0787716778,0754464678
E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


TERNET is a network for Tanzanian higher learning and research institutions aiming at providing platform for enabling the sharing of education and research resources.


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